Extreme airports anxious travelers might avoid

The Coronavirus has had a significant impact on air travel in 2020 and for those that love to travel, you may be eager to explore the world again. If getting on an aeroplane leaves you with knots in your stomach though, you might want to avoid the following five airports and travel elsewhere. A Google search of this airport will come up with the description, “Airport in Hell’s Gate, Caribbean Netherlands.” If the name isn’t enough to put you off, then take heed that this airport boasts an insane

Airport Safety and travel post-COVID 19

The Coronavirus pandemic has left many wondering how and when they will be able to safely travel and visit friends and family that live overseas. Although some domestic airlines are operating again, safety and social distancing are a valid concern and may prove to be quite difficult to implement in busy airport terminals and oftentimes tightly packed commercial planes with small seats and little legroom, to say the least. Many believe that technology like biometrics might become the new normal

How to Beat the Coronavirus Lockdown Blues

How are you faring during coronavirus lockdown? Are you thriving or just surviving? Happy or sad? Anxious or unconcerned? Or maybe your feelings are somewhere in the middle. Your answers to these questions could have a lot to do with your personality type. How? Well, do you gain energy from being around others and thrive on outside stimuli, or are you the opposite? Someone who needs time alone to recoup after a night out with lots of people. As the old saying goes, “Go big or go home.” Well, do