Short bio for an online Montessori teacher.

About me:

Experienced businesswoman and accounts executive Chanette Roughton, decided to followed her passion for collaborative and cooperative learning by joining the Montessori program in 2020. This TEFL accredited tutor based in Havant, Hampshire, is thrilled to put her teaching abilities to good use, and treasures the process of helping young minds learn and thrive in a wholesome and safe online environment.

Chanette believes in good communication skills, and so she patiently draws each and every student out to assess their individual needs. This helps her lay the right foundation to suit each student with their own personal developmental needs.

Being a parent herself, Chanette has first-hand experience with young and curious minds. When she isn't preparing for the classroom or coming up with innovative ideas to make her lessons fun,  you will find her riding bikes in the UK countryside with her beautiful daughter or baking delicious cakes together in their cozy kitchen. 

A bio for a client who launched her own skincare line.

How it all started.

Serious health concerns prompted passionate vegan and entrepreneur, Sharon Jansen Van Vuuren, to take an honest hard look at her diet and what was not only going into her body,  but also what she was applying onto her skin. The skin is the largest organ of our bodies and being porous, absorbs a lot of what we put on it. Therefore,  Sharon  knew it was time to eliminate any skin products which contained harmful toxins and cancer causing chemicals.

Frustrated at the lack of natural and organic skincare products to choose from, Sharon took to tirelessly learning and researching the science behind what makes a skincare range function optimally to deliver great results,  be totally natural, and use only the highest performing botanicals.

And so Eleven2 skincare range was born. With hand picked ingredients that are gentle enough not to irritate the skin, but with healing properties to ensure your skin feels nourished and cared for.  Free from harmful synthetics and artificial fragrances,  this artisan skincare range is affordable,  yet boasts a luxurious feel, and remains 100% committed to producing products that won’t harm our bodies, the environment or our oceans.  Hence,  all products (except the 10ml lip scrubs) come in recyclable glass containers,  eliminating plastic pollution and staying true to its cause.

With clean beauty on the rise, Eleven2 has made it easy for conscious consumers to know their choices are ethically sound and haven’t harmed any animals or our beautiful earth.  When Sharon isn’t conjuring up ideas or creating business modules, you can find her walking her bull terrier Kenny,  and his sister, a rescue called Roxy, along the beautiful West coast beaches of Cape Town.

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